Friday, February 19, 2010

The Big Snow - Feb. 2010

The Big Snow

At first it was beautiful here in northern Virginia, but the more I shoveled, the more tired I became and I liked the snow less. There are still large piles of snow everywhere and my roof still has large amounts of snow. I think they said that we got about 57" of snow at National Airport here in Washington DC. My back thinks that it was definitely that amount.

I have a great neighborhood and neighbors and we all got out there and removed snow together. One wonderful neighbor even has a snow blower and a riding lawnmower with a plow on the front. He was a life and back saver for everyone.

Now the local weatherman says to get ready for more snow this coming Monday. Since I quilt and also do art quilts ( sometimes with fabrics that I create myself ) I should get outside and "snow dye" some fabrics to use in a quilt. This way I wouldn't be so frustrated with all the shoveling.


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