Saturday, December 27, 2008

Many Christmas' Ago

I've always loved many icicles draped over the branches of the Christmas tree. We used to have different styles of putting them on the tree. Some would places them individually and others would throw them on by the handful. I bet I was a "thrower"

Now, I don't put the tinsel icicles on my tree, but I have been making many hundreds of beaded icicles for my tree the past few years. I've shared them with others also.

Here are a few photos: Me sitting by my 1951 Christmas tree with the tinsel icicles and my 2008 Christmas tree with the beaded icicles.


Blogger Stella said...

I am on Quilt art and clicked on your blog address.

Would you tell us how you make the beaded icicles?

What happened to Little Amos?

Jo in MN (not Stella)

10:00 AM  

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