Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I made this journal quilt for the Journal Quilt project on the quilt art chat list in 2003 ( ) and it was first shown at the Houston International Quilt Festival in Houston , Texas and then at several other venues . It was also chosen to be published in "creative Quilting- The Journal Quilt Project" by Karey Patterson Bresenhan. My quilt appears on page 186. ( I also had another quilt chosen to be on page 49.)

I was born with a birthmark in the palm of my left hand. As I grew older, it grew lighter.

I scanned my hand and printed it out on treated fabric and appliqued it to the background fabric, that happened to have hand all over it. I appliqued a watch to my wrist. Since my wrist are so thin, my wristwatch is always turning around like a bracelet. I quilted in my life lines.


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What a great use of 'found materials'!

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